MM’s is the brand provides perfectly fit lighting equipment for film, video, studio, cinematography, theater, and any professional lighting needs. With their excellent features, all lights can meet the demands of diverse occasions.

Due to the high requirements on light quality, MM’s designed all our film and video lights with ultra-high CRI value of up to 98 Ra. Besides, all of MM’s lights are made with full-spectrum, beam angle control as well as DMX-512 compliance.

In order to meet the need of mobility requirements for filmmaking and video shooting, we also designed DC input for some of our lights, which allows you to power them up by batteries. You are able to find the battery power supply easily from the market, as we design it in the voltage range of 26V-48V and with standard V-Lock design.

Regarding the theatre lighting application, the design of precise and smooth dimming is able to fit all your stage environments. The lighting brightness is adjustable with different dimming method and dimming curves. Particularly, you are able to dim the light to an extremely low value up to 1% of the full brightness.

With high-frequency PWM dimming design up to 35Khz, MM’s video light is perfectly suitable for professional lighting in high-speed shooting and filmmaking. All lights are working excellent for motion footage. According to our test, MM’s video lights are flicker-free even at 12,000fps or more.

On the body of some of MM’s lights, there is a LED screen with button control to set up the color temperature, brightness, hue, saturation, light beam angle and so on. Our Fresnel LED lights are made in China with the best components and optical system design. The beam angle is changeable in the range of 15° to 60° with hard light but no central hot-spot.

If you want, MM’s video lights can be paired with any accessories, such as soft-boxes, umbrellas, soft textiles, banks, etc. Even if you have the most own demands on lighting design, we are also able to deal with it since we also provide customization service.