What is Color Rendering Index (CRI)?

High CRI value makes true color viewing

Why high CRI is important?

The comparison between normal lights CRI 80 and MM's lights High CRI 97

CRI 80 CRI 97

High CRI, Ra and Re

In short, Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the criteria to describe the level of a light source’s ability to reveal the color of objects.

The most commonly used value of CRI is called Ra, which is the average value of first 8 index (R1-R8).

There is another index that people is not familiar with, which is Extend CRI (Re). It is more accurate as we can see more colors rendition performance with average value of all 15 index (R1-R15).

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is determined by the distinctions in the chromaticities of 15 CIE ISO-TCS (CIE 1995) when objects enlightened by a light source and a reference illuminant with same correlated color temperature (CCT). In short, the lower CRI value is, the smaller the differences will be. A CRI value of 100 speaks to the best performance of a light source. Low CRI value may show some colors unnatural or unreal.

Why R9 is important?

As a typical value of Ri test sample 9 (a saturated red color), it is sometimes listed seperately as a supplement vaule to general CRI (Ra).

In Particular, the special index R9 is often noticed by people who working in some specific field, such as film and video lighting, medical lighting, textile, painting etc. Because high R9 value represents much accurate color of red, which is significant for those applications.

R9 is the value breaks the limitation of average value of R1 through R8, which provides much precise reference to evaluate the light sources’ ability of the red portion visible spectrum. It is much helpful for lighting objects containing red color, such as human skin tone, red spray painting, red pigments etc.

What is High CRI FULL Spectrum ?

Objects will sometimes appear a slightly different color when illuminated with lamps of different color temperature, even if both lamps have the perfect color rendering Index.

Color Rendering Index













Why lights can get high CRI value ?

Physically, the energy of wavelength impacts the Color rendering index value directly.

Mathematically, CRI value is calculated with 15 color samples, which called TCS or Test Color Samples, with respective TCS spectrum. We make lights with full spectrum covers the area of 15 TCS spectrum as much as possible to make the color rendering index value as high as possible.


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