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" What is high CRI "

Color Rendering Index (CRI) of a light source is defined as how accurate an illuminant reveals the color appearance of objects in comparison with a reference illuminant.

What is under the iceberg of High CRI ?

The average value of first 8 indexes, so-called Ra, are used to evaluate the color rendering ability of light commonly.

However, it is not enough. As well known, CRI value consists of a set of values Ri (where i = 1, 2, . . . , 15), and each R value represents the reflecting ability of a specific color. There is another value called Re, which is the avarange of all Ri values.

Among all these 15 R values, there are two of them are extremely difficult to get a high score while they are critically important, R9 and R12. They are the index that represents deep red and blue, which are not included in the first 8 numbers.

What does High CRI value stand for ?

Color is a perceptual vision to human eyes initiated by optical radiation or solar radiation. As well known, a visible pure white light consists of optical radiation in the range of wavelength from 380nm to 740nm. Different wavelength range radiation will reflect the different color of a subject and consequently give people the sensation of colors, including violet, blue, cyan, green, etc.

The wavelength from 625-740nm will reveal the red color of a rose. While not all LED lights are made equally. A light that lacks energy from 620-740nm wavelength will not be able to reveal the vision of the rose accurately.

A light with high CRI value represents it contains enough energy of each range of wavelength for reflecting the true color of an object. A low CRI value light will make an object colorful appearance becomes faded. It will not be able to show object colors realistically and naturally.

Why high CRI is important?

The comparison between normal lights CRI 80 and MM's lights High CRI 97

CRI 80 CRI 97

Color Rendering Index













Why lights can get high CRI value ?

Physically, the energy of wavelength impacts the Color rendering index value directly.

Mathematically, CRI value is calculated with 15 color samples, which called TCS or Test Color Samples, with respective TCS spectrum. We make lights with full spectrum covers the area of 15 TCS spectrum as much as possible to make the color rendering index value as high as possible.

What is High CRI FULL Spectrum ?

Objects will sometimes appear a slightly different color when illuminated with lamps of different color temperature, even if both lamps have the perfect color rendering Index.

What is High CRI Value ?

Not all lights made equally. Our LED Lamps achieve high CRI value via spectral technology. Compare each R value of our lights and other light sources to see the difference.

What else but High CRI ?

Color Rendering Index (CRI)  value is a critical reference when choosing a light. In addition, there are also other factors we need to consider for selection, including color temperature, color accuracy, brightness, energy, etc.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is an important reference of color appearance about how “cold” (bluish) or how “warm” (yellowish) a white light appears.

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CCT Consistency

Macadam Ellipsis is used to measure color difference, either between two or more lightsources (color consistency) or for one light source.

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Light Brightness

A green light will be much brighter than a red light source in the same amount of power because the eye is more sensitive in the green wavelength.

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Color Accuracy

Filmmakers or gaffers will also find the sense of green’ish and magenta’ish of the light emits from film and video lamps, which is tint diversity.

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How to choose LED light for film-making?

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)  value is a critical reference for selecting a good LED light source for film-making or video-making. While there are also other criteria but high CRI value, such as SDCM, DUV, G/M, anti-flicker, etc. They are closely related to white balance and the final result of your footage artworks.

High CRI Lighting Collections

Film & Video Lighting

MM's provides high CRI lighting lamps for cinematography, film and video production, such as T12 tubes, spot lights, soft panel lights etc.

Color Viewing Lighting

MM's offers CIE standardized D50 and D65 with A or B class metamerism index which is compliant with ISO 3664:2009 and ISO 23603.


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