High CRI LED Bulb for Art Lighting

Colors are one of the most important and exciting features of the painting. Artists use different colors in both abstract and figurative paintings to create moods, to arouse or express an emotion, or for decorative beauty. Therefore, LED bulbs with excellent high CRI scores are essential for a viewer to identify these features in painting as they have high color rendition and color accuracy.

Low CRI LED bulbs will not allow a viewer to see specific colors in a painting, making it difficult or even impossible for him/her to capture the true intention of the painter. For instance, colors can have a hidden meaning in the painting and so without viewing them, a viewer will not be able to determine whether the painter intended to share a happy mood or not. Instead, a viewer might even confuse the true intention of a painter.

Furthermore, it would be difficult or even impossible for a viewer to see the beauty of art if he/she relies on an LED bulb with poor CRI ratings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that one is using an LED bulb with an excellent high CRI rating in areas such as galleries for the quality of a painting.

High CRI LED Bulb for Studio Lighting (Video and Photography)

The right color is important if one wants to produce a perfect video or picture. With digital cameras and a digital world, we have many choices to make when it comes to light. In the past, with film cameras, the emulsions were used for a specific type of light and later changed using filters. Today, digital cameras allow the setting of light for specific situations such as cloudy, fluorescent, flash, shadow, sun, tungsten, and others. It thus seems possible, at least in theory, to utilize any light for photography in the digital world.

However, choosing the right light is still important in the digital world. For the production of a realistically colored image or video, it is important to choose wisely the type of LED bulbs. Low CRI LED bulbs will lead to the creation of fewer quality images, as the fidelity of colors produced would be quite low. Therefore, for the production of high-quality images, it is important to ensure that the LED bulbs have exceptional high CRI scores. For instance, instead of choosing an LED bulb with a CRI score of 86, one should choose instead the one with over 90 CRI value, as this will be better at ensuring high-quality results.

High CRI LED Bulb for Home

The right LEB bulbs are quite important at home for ensuring clearness and maintenance of attractiveness and other aspects like maintenance of a happy mood depending on the chosen color. First, with a low CRI LED bulb, homes can be dim, making it less possible for you to navigate your house or even identify things such as clothes. For example, you can confuse a blue shirt for a black one because the light in the room is not the right one for reflection of the right color of a shirt. Furthermore, due to the dimness of the quality of light produced, your eyes can be negatively affected because of the blurriness.

Another importance of LED bulbs with exceptional high CRI scores is the maintenance of the attractiveness of a home. With the right light bulbs, the true colors at a house will be produced, making the home attractive. For instance, the right bulb will enable the viewing of all the colors in a painting. In this way, the attractiveness and even the moods in a house can be obtained and maintained. For these reasons, it is important to have exceptionally high CRI LED bulbs at home even if the bulbs are a bit costly as compared to those with low CRI rates.

High CRI LED Bulb for Printer and Printing

Colors are important for printers and printing. So the lighting environment within or next to printing locations has a significant influence on the consistency and accuracy of colors of the produced item. To avoid compromising the quality of prints, LED bulbs of excellent high CRI scores must be utilized for the achievement of the true or realistic colors of an item.

Apart from maintenance of the color temperature, it is also important to ensure that the LEB bulbs at a printer or printing house are of the right quality for the production of prints as they are. The consideration can be based on the specific standard for lights set by the producers of a printer. Almost all printers have a particular standard for lights, which are the color of the light and the complete spectral output of light from a source of light. This standard light is the reference light, which is the average light or a mixture of outdoor or indoor light with a spectral output established to match or be almost uniform with the daylight. For this reason, the quality of a print is considerably better when viewed under the reference light as compared to under other typical lights.