What CRI is?

First of all, before I discuss what high CRI LED bulb is, let us first attempt to grasp what color rendering index (CRI) is. The CRI should not be confused with color temperature, which is how cool or warm lighting is, and is measured in Kelvin.

Instead, CRI is how realistic or natural a source of light shows the colors of a person, people, or objects under them. On a numerical scale from 1 to 100, one source of light can be considered better than the other is showing the color of an object or a person. The color rendition and color accuracy of people or objects under a light with the low numerical value of CRI are low while it is high in those under a light with the high numerical value of CRI. Sunlight and incandescent lights are considered blackbody radiators because they have a perfect CRI score of 100.

Generally, the scores of CRI can be related to an exam’s scores. The higher the numerical value of CRI, the better the bulb’s color rendition and the lower the score, the lower the bulb’s color rendition and accuracy.

LED Lights and CRI

LED bulbs are bulbs with light-emitting diodes (LED), which are semiconductors that produce light when electrons pass through them. In the past, people relied on incandescent bulbs that disappeared mainly due to poor energy efficiency and were replaced by energy-efficient fluorescents bulbs. LED bulbs, which are better energy savers as compared to the fluorescents and incandescent bulbs, are now replacing the fluorescents.

Apart from being high energy savers, LED bulbs also offer better CRI. Therefore, with an LED bulb, you can enjoy more realistic colors. However, different bulbs have different color-rendering abilities. An LED bulb with a high CRI is that which has high color rendition and color accuracy. Some LED bulbs can have a high CRI score of 90, which means they almost offer the true color of an object or a person.

What Does High CRI Mean for LED Bulb?

LED bulbs have different CRI scores. Innovation has led to the production of LED bulbs with CRI scores above 90, which are bulbs that can produce white light that approximates natural daylight and incandescent lighting. Therefore, LED bulbs with high CRI scores enable a better perception of the true colors of objects or people in an environment.

Color and the Human Eye

The human eye and brain translate light into color. When the light hits the light receptors in an eye, the receptors transmit the information to the brain which then produces familiar sensations of color that enable a person or animal to identify the color of an object or a human being.

Colors are not inherent in objects. Instead, the surface of an object reflects some colors that are then interpreted by the eye and the brain while the object’s surface absorbs the other colors. Therefore, due to the fact that white color contains different colors, it becomes possible to see the true colors of an object. For instance, an apple does not have a color, but its surface reflects the wavelengths that we see as red. Therefore, high CRI LED bulbs to mean that we can be able to see the true colors of objects or people and other animals in the environment.

How Importance is High CRI for the LED bulb?

High CRI is quite important for LED bulbs as it makes the bulbs have a high color rendition and color accuracy. The aspect gives the LED bulb another importance apart from its energy efficiency abilities. The high CRI aspect in the bulbs makes them offer the best of all worlds with a fraction of energy utilized in traditional lighting.

High CRI full spectrum lighting

High CRI full spectrum lighting can greatly improve the appearance of environments, thus making it possible for people to be clearly aware of their environment. For instance, it would not be difficult for you to identify your black shoes. With a very low CRI, you might not be able to differentiate between different colors of shoes. Due to this aspect of clarity, high CRI LED light is important in areas such as the textile industry and hospitals where the performance of the workers can be impacted by color differentiation.

In addition to clarity in an environment, high CRI LED lighting is important in terms of improvement of the attractiveness of areas such as a shoe shop, retail store, museums, supermarkets, exhibits, and galleries. The bulbs make these areas quite beautiful by enabling the perception of attractive natural colors. For instance, an LED bulb with a high CRI will make a red color appear clearly.